Route Veintisiete de Abril-Villarreal Would Be Complete by the End of the Year

Written by Tamarindo News

• Bridges, bike lanes and other street works are constructed with an addendum to the original contract of ¢ 1.4 billion.
• CONAVI indicates that paved road is 95% complete.

While on tour in Guanacaste, in the framework of the celebration of the 190th anniversary of the Annexation of Nicoya to Costa Rica, the Minister of Public Works and Transport (MOPT), Carlos Segnini reported that Veintisiete de Abril-Villarreal Road would be complete by the end of the year, including: tarmac, bridges, bikeways, and other works.

The Minister said that they are working on an addendum to the original contract of ¢ 1.4 billion to carry out works such as construction of five bridges that the route has, two additional steps of sewers, and bike paths along the entire route.

MOPT estimated that, today, the project for the improvement of the road, in other words, going from ballast to asphalt, already covers 95% of the 13.5 km. The investment for this work in the original contract is of ¢ 4.387 million.

“This work will enable a much more direct community interconnection from Santa Cruz to Tamarindo, by paved road. It complements other investments made by CONAVI, both for the benefit of locals and the tourism sector located in the area,” said MOPT in a statement.

“To date, the construction of the layer of pavement is almost complete. We are still missing the tarmac, intersections and completing the placement of asphalt 150 meters from the start of the project. The project, in addition to the tarmac, includes the construction of pedestrian walkways, a rolling layer of 9 cm, plus a 20cm cement stabilized base. Its final finish includes full demarcation of the area of ​​the ring, which is about to begin,” reads the official report.

MOPT announces that road bridges will soon start the construction stage

The route includes five structures; thereof, as MOPT indicated, the construction of the new sewer on Quebrada Hernández has concluded, the remaining bridges already have the final designs to start the construction phase. These are bridges on the rivers Sin Nombre, Molina, Marcos, and San Francisco (12, 15, 15, and 18 meters long, respectively).

Segnini indicated that this road is a path that will allow visitors to access tourist destinations such as Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Avellanas, and other beaches in Santa Cruz, so reducing their trip up to 20 minutes.

Government Announces Urgent Intervention of Samara – Nosara Route

• Urgent investment is of ¢ 150 million.

In a meeting with residents of Samara and Nosara, the President of the Republic, Luis Guillermo Solis, announced the urgent intervention of the road that connects these two important beaches of Nicoya Peninsula.

“That’s not a highway; it is a trail,” said President Solis to the residents of Nosara, after an inspection and verifying the dismal state of National Route 160.

The President said that the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Carlos Segnini, will request the Board of the National Roads Authority (CONAVI) an intervention due to unpredictability aimed at improving the condition of the surface of the road, which has a significant deterioration in its 39 kilometers. Thus, the sections with further damage will be worked on and a mechanized patching will take place to improve the condition of the surface in view of the winter season.

In the emergency operation, ¢ 150 million will be invested to start works within the following weeks, as CONAVI continues with the hiring process for this same route in the order of ¢ 229 million, which will go to tender in the next few days.

MOPT said that, last year, it worked on this street, where a seal was placed on the track sections closed to populations, so mitigating the dust affecting residents. However, the work presented premature deterioration.

“This road requires further intervention that will involve the construction of the entire pavement structure, in addition to bridges, since it is a flood-prone area. MOPT / CONAVI will value the existing plans to determine the actual cost of the work, preliminarily estimated at $ 70 million,” MOPT said in a statement.

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