Restructured Robert August Surf and Turf a triumph

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By Ellen Zoe Golden Photos by Carla Rowlings.

According to the organizers of this year’s Robert August Surf and Turf, the three-day event was a big success. With the addition of the Tamarindo International Surf Film Festival for two evenings of Friday and Saturday, and a special showing for the at-risk kids of the community on the Sunday, along with its 4-man scramble golf tournament  and a revampedformat for the annual surf contest, there were more participants at its activities this year than ever before.

While the final total of money raised for CEPIA was not tallied by press time, according to Laetitia Deweer, the organization’s founder, it looks to be a banner year for funding. The money raised goes to CEPIA’s after-school program in which 500 kids participate (soccer, swimming, basketball, girls clubs, jujitsu, surfing, English), as well as to pay the full-time psychologist who attends victims of violence and abuse in the area.

“It was a success this year because the positive feedback we got from golf players, surfers and film festival attendees was great,” Deweer said. “Everyone enjoyed the film festival as a new addition to the Surf and Turf. Golfers were very spoiled on the golf course by many companies such as Christie’s, Surf Tafari, Hotel Condor, New Body CR, Sansa, DJ Pazzi, Tamarindo Coffee Roasters, Sharky’s and Amigos de la Educaion, as well as with breakfast by Panaderia de Paris, Panaderia Agua y Sal and Pasta Casera. Surfing was so much fun wit the new format of the contest created by Cheboards which was amazing. Many said it was the best contest ever, in which team spirit and teamwork had to prevail to win points.”

The surf contest, called CheBum Pro was a team surf event that took place off the beach near Villa Amarilla. Organized by Juan Diego Evangelista, shaper and owner of CheBoards, the contest format was different than what locals have been used to in the Circuito Guanacasteco and Circuito Nacional.

“The first goal was safety first, and so everybody used the same boards: a short board, longboard, fun board and fish,” explained Evangelista. “I made all the boards, two sets of four. There were different things they could do like surf from Pico Grande to Pico Pequeño, do a noseride, etc. We awarded different points for each wave, depending on the size of the board. The shorter the board, more points.”

“I wanted to do something different than what everybody does,” he added. “They were using kind of retro boards, and the teams were young boys from around one to up to 60 years old. It was something fun, no so competitive and different. I think everybody did have fun.”

The winners took home the four boards they road for the surf contest.

Winners of this year’s Robert August Surf and Turf

Overall winners:

Christie’s Team (Brian Bratton, Andrew Mercer, Jason Clements, Wils Alpern)

CheBum Pro

1.. Team Sunbum 104 pts (Wim Van Cleynenbreugel, Carlos Arias, Ian Bean, Christian Boos)

2. Team Stoked 95.15 pts (Felipe, Fran, two others)

3. Z groms 95 pts (Sean, Rafa, Benja, and Benja Brother)

4. Kooks and Zac 84 pts. (Zac Spooner, Kai Gale, Teo Gale, Tiago Leao)

5. Jerry¹s Team 72 points (Jerry Hirsch, Alejandro, Junior Rodríguez, Brian Bratton)

6. Happy Accidents 71 pts (Ryan, Kent and team)

7. La Paz 69 pts. (Abel and team)

8. Roberts Angels 65 pts. (Robert August and team)

9. Villa Amarilla 64.7 Eymus and team

10. Full Access 64.5 pts. (Clay, Mark, Jim and Kevin)

11. Christie’s 64.2 pts. (Brian Bratton, Andrew Mercer, Jason Clements, Wils Alpern)

12. The Ottleys 64 pts. (Ottleys, Robie)

13. Number 1 62.7 pts. (John, allen, Wes and les

14. Los Patio 57.7 pts. (Carlos and team)

15. Chris X 51 pts. (Chris, Kahala, Allen)

16. Mark B 46.3 pts. (Clay, Royce, Jim, Kevin)

17. 3 O Gs  (Brian, Bill, Keith, and Jane)

Hacienda Pinilla Golf Results:

1st Place

Ken Hollingsworth

Todd Taylor

Byron Smith


2nd Place

Todd Dane

Ali Graham

Frank Bucci

Ben Ziegler

3rd place

Royce Mitchell

Mark Beamish

Jim Woodside

Kevin Teng

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