Rebecca Clower Real Estate is her passion

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By Ellen Zoe Golden Photos courtesy Rebecca Clower

Little did Rebecca Clower know, that after spending much of her life traveling back and forth from the United States to Costa Rica that she would eventually end up living her dream of selling real estate in the country where her family originated.

Her career path led her to Guanacaste, where she raises two sons, runs her successful business Blue Water Properties, and is involved in her community.

THE Tamarindo News caught up with this super woman for a little knowledge:

THE Tamarindo News: Can you give us a little background on yourself?

Rebecca Clower: I was born in Chicago, raised in Buffalo, New York, and came to Costa Rica permanently in 2006. My mother and most of my family are from Costa Rica.

My sons, who are eight and ten, were born in Costa Rica also. I worked as a licensed Realtor for an independent Broker, Tager Realty, in Tampa, Florida from 2002-2006 and then worked for Remax in Tamarindo for a year while I started Blue Water Properties in 2006. I have been coming to Costa Rica since 1978. My mother, who is from Guanacaste, would bring my brother and I here every year. Although I never thought I would be living in Costa Rica and running businesses here, I do not regret the decision to come here and open up shop.

TTN: Can you tell me about Blue Water?

RC: We offer both real estate and vacation rental management services. Through my parent company, Blue Water Adventures, we also offer tours and travel throughout Costa Rica. We have offices in Conchal and Tamarindo and I have seven agents that work for me. I manage 56 properties in Tamarindo, Langosta, Conchal and Flamingo areas. With Blue Water Properties on the management side, we employ 22 amazing employees from the surrounding areas. Blue Water Properties is a boutique, independent company.

We listen to our clients and go above and beyond. We are rated Excellent on Trip Advisor and are Superhosts on Airbnb. We have an excellent track record and reputation for stellar customer service and our company is consistently one of the top real estate and vacation rental agencies in the province. As the Broker/Owner of the company, I bring a background of highvolume sales knowledge, personalized service and a hands-on approach. I am not an absentee owner—I know everything that goes on with my team and our clients. I have always been and will always be accessible and approachable as the owner of the company. As an independent agency, I started the firm from scratch and built it to the 56 properties we now manage.

TTN: What about the country persuaded you to settle here? RC: Growing up in Buffalo, New York is why Costa Rica appealed to me. I had been coming here a long time and grew to love the country and how amazing it is. Where else in the world can you go that you can enjoy so many different climates in such a small area?

Costa Rica is an amazing place. It’s not a utopia, but for me, it’s the best place on Earth. The people, healthcare, weather, education and lifestyle cannot be duplicated. There is a reason that people want to come and live in this amazing, but small country. It’s not a hard sell. Pura Vida is contagious!

TTN: Where did you set down your home roots? RC: I live in Playa Flamingo currently in the Mar Vista community. I love living in Costa Rica, but specifically the Flamingo area. It’s quieter, has a beautiful beach and is tranquil. I love Flamingo as it’s a quieter place for my children. One of the major draws, other than the beaches and nature, is the school they attend, La Paz community school. Since my children were born here, they started La Paz in pre-K. They love it. I love the philosophy and educators at the school. I love the community we live in.

TTN: Outside of your business, how do you get involved in your area? RC: We are supporters of La Paz Community school, CEPIA, the local Brasilito school, Abriendo Mentes among others. I love getting involved in the community and showing my children that community is the most important thing we have.

TTN: Any final words? RC: I’ve been involved in Real Estate since 2001. When I started my career in Florida, I found it was my calling to help my clients realize their dreams of home ownership. I also have sold businesses and commercial properties to investors. In my Tampa days, I started in real estate investment, flipping homes and working in the foreclosure area, but that market doesn’t really exist here in Costa Rica as it did back in the U.S. Blue Water Properties existed only as property management when I was in Remax. It wasn’t until 2007 when I left, that Real Estate became part of Blue Water Properties. Real Estate is my passion.


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