The positive vibes of Tatiana Ortiz

Written by Tamarindo News

By Ellen Zoe Golden

Tatiana Ortiz is a very spiritual person. Whether you are one of her dental patients, a surfer with her in the lineup, participating in one of her workshops, or getting a recommendation for one of her hand-mixed flower tinctures, you are sure to feel her positive energy. Ever since she was a young child growing up in San Jose, Ortiz has had the desire to heal people. A big influence in her path to heal has been her father, a psychologist, and her mother, who suffered ill-health and has passed away.  Ortiz’ beloved dog Paco died suddenly earlier this year, and  both his life and death have fueled her as well.  With a full life at age 37 here in Tamarindo, Ortiz enjoys a wonderful relationship with boyfriend Alejandro Aguilar Soto, her patients, clients and friends.

THE Tamarindo News talked with Ortiz over pasta and pizza

THE Tamarindo News: How did you end up a dentist in Tamarindo:

TATIANA ORTIZ: I was born and raised in San Jose and graduated a dentist there. I practiced a few months in San Jose, then went to La Fortuna to practice for 1-1/2 years, then Parrita for a few months. However, I wanted to be at the beach. I used to go to the beach on every vacation while I was I dental school. I thought that one day I would live there. But, I wanted to try other places, and La Fortuna was magical. I lived in these different places, until my dream came true.

TTN: Why did you want to be a dentist?

TO: I remember when I was in pre-school, going to the dentist, and then later my experience with the orthodontist was scary. He didn’t take the time to know me, he was in with me for two minutes and left. I wanted to be different, so I went to University of Costa Rica, had two years of general studies then dental school. I was in the University for seven years. When I first graduated, I got an offer to take over a dental office in San Jose because that dentist wanted to retire. I would have gotten all the patients for free, but my heart did not want to be in San Jose.  I had faith it would all work out different.

TNN: You seem to be a very spiritual person, is that right?

TO: Since I was little, I was drawn to energy, and taking a different approach. Mostly, when my mom got sick with rheumatoid arthritis. She was my inspiration to learn about other options rather than traditional treatments. I remember her being in a lot of pain when I was in High School and University. She passed 11 years ago. I dedicate all my learning to her. My mom is my daily inspiration to help others heal, and for that I am eternally grateful.

TNN: Why did you study the use of flowers in healing?

TO: It’s been a journey. This is a passion. I use a lot of essential oil during my dental practice. I believe that the bio-neural and emotions work with the biology of the body. The nervous system and emotions all come together to get to the root cause of the problem. It’s not just about a problem in a tooth, but it’s about why that tooth is affected, what emotion and what organ is related to that tooth. The mouth is a door to our soul and to ourselves. It’s also about how we see our lives. I help guide people to see that it’s just not about going to the dentist.

TNN: Tell me about your Flower Essence Therapy?

TO: I use Bach Flowers and the systems and principles that Dr. Bach created in the 1930s. The idea is that emotions have a lot to do with disease. These flowers allow us to go deep to find the root of the problem. It has a lot to do with energy and the physical body. Having a faith, and holding your hand, lighting the path to clear out what is creating your conflict.

TNN: How did you accrue clients for this work?

TO: I offer Flower Essence Therapy to my patients when they need it. Slowly, other people came to the office for advice in other areas of their lives not necessarily to have their teeth fixed.

TNN: How does surfing fit into your life?

TO: Surfing is just a convergence with nature and the universe and having both in one. Blue and green are my favorite colors, and the colors of my office. Surfing blends in because you have to be connected to nature and forget about your problems. When I surf, I put all my heart out. It’s a dance. It’s the same with my work. If I come from a place of love, magical things happen.

TNN: Is there an ultimate feeling for you?

TO: My favorite part of the day is when I see a patient and see a smile from their heart then I know I’ve put some light in their life.

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