New fire station set for construction in Huacas

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By Tamarindo News Staff

There’s some very good news for the members of the Tamarindo community who were affected by not one, not two, but three fires in our area late last year.  According to officials from the Tamarindo Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (CCTT), a new fire station is set for construction in the nearby town of Huacas.  The building, and its attendant fire-fighting personnel, will benefit the 24,000 people who live in the nearby towns.

Details about the new station were revealed at a meeting last month at Cala Luna Hotel between Allan Morum, the Battalion Fire Chief of Guanacaste, and members of CCTT including Hernan Imhoff, President; Alonso Jiménez, Vice President; and Federico Pilurzu, Treasurer.  Among the first discussions the group had were how to address emergencies in Tamarindo, Cabo Velas, Tempate and Cartagena, primarily.  The new fire station will be 3,500 square meters and constructed on land donated by Reserva Conchal in October 2014. Personnel will include a sergeant, a lieutenant, two engineers and four privates.

“The construction of a fire station in Huacas will be strategically located in order to provide services for prevention and protection of designated areas. It will also reduce response times so that we can strengthen and grow the operational capacity of the area. This new facility brings to 11 the total of fire stations in Guanacaste,” said Morum.

Huacas was chosen for the station because of its strategic location allowing quick and timely access to any incident that may occur in Tamarindo or any of the nearby towns.

Last November, Tamarindo suffered losses by fire at the building that housed Patagonia del Mar Restaurant/Rosie’s Investments/Backwash Laundry, as well as a condominium at Langosta Beach Club and the beachside El Pescador Restaurant.  The first property was burnt to the ground by the time the Santa Cruz Fire Department arrived to fight the fire.  That station is 36 kilometers away from town, while another fire station in Filadelphia is farther, at 45 kilometers.

“This would be great,” said Mauro Camera, owner of the former Patagonia del Mar, “because the action of the fire department from Huacas would be immediate. It’s a very good idea. And from Huacas they can serve many communities. Huacas is a very strategic point.”

The Huacas fire station is set to begin construction this year, although a date has not yet been announced. Officials, however, believe the building will be operational before the end of the year.  It will serve Cabo Velas, Tamarindo, Tempate, Cartagena, Flamingo, Brasilito, Santa Rosa, Huacas, Potrero, Hernandez, Pinilla, Papagayo, Conchal, Villareal, El Llano, Lorena, El Eden and La Garita, among other places.

The total construction of infrastructure, purchase of equipment, acquisition of units, recruitment and the institution of operation of the fire station is estimated to require an investment of ¢ 500 million. That figure was supplied by the Guanacaste Fire Department, however, at this time, there is no indication as to where the necessary money will come.

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