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By Ellen Zoe Golden Photo courtesy: Multicines Tamarindo

Sometimes, things in Costa Rica operate in their own timeframe, and this has been the case for the new, local movie theaters as well. The grand opening of the Multicines Tamarindo in the Garden Plaza was delayed from its originally scheduled date of July 1.

The reason, according to Andrea Cisana, Technical Director for Multicines Tamarindo, architect and owner of Leonardo Construcción, was a hold up of materials needed to finish the construction that were coming down through Nicaragua. The political strife in our northern border country has resulted in various road blocks and bridge closings, preventing vehicles with goods from making the trek down here to Costa Rica on a regular basis.

“We feel very sad about what is happening in our neighboring country and we wish them to stabilize as soon as possible, for the good of their people,” said Cisana. “Unfortunately, for what has been happening in Nicaragua in recent months, the land routes from the north of the country to here have been partially or completely closed and this caused an approximate delay of one month in the project schedule, since there was important equipment for us that did not manage to go through Nicaragua.”

Fortunately, after this short delay, Cisana said that the supplies have now made it to Tamarindo. The construction continued and finished the two theaters, lobby, and entrance, the Multicines Tamarindo opened at August 3rd.”

The films now scheduled to be shown for the opening will be Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, The Meg (Megalogon), Teen Titans Go! To the Movies and Mission Impossible 6. These movies will be shown at various times, in both English and Spanish. “At this moment everything arrived and the cinema is ready, we are doing the tests and adjustments of the audio and video equipment, so that the cinema is now operative and open to the public” he added.

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