La Senda welcomes spiritual music festival

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By Ellen Zoe Golden Photo by: Toh Gouttenoire/

The labyrinth of La Senda, a spiritual center of the community, will be the location of a two-day music and art festival that organizers hope will raise everyone’s personal “frequency” in harmony with the presentations. The La Senda Music Festival will take place at sunset March 22 and 23 at the largest cactus labyrinth in the world built around two energy centers.

The event will feature various musicians, and both national and international DJs, all with a focus on “sacred” music. The setting at the festival, which coincides with the spring equinox, includes the stage a La Senda’s amphitheater, and peppered around the labyrinth site will be various “mystic” lounges and kiosks on sustainability issues such as recycling, water conservation and renewable energies. In addition to the musical performances, artists will create new works live on site, and there will be organic food and drinks for sale.

In addition, a wellness stand will offer health alternatives.

“In the presence of the labyrinth which is daily visited by people who are looking to be more in touch with their essence and their consciousness, La Senda is offering music, fine arts, gastronomy, wellness and sustainability workshops, bringing people together who are in search of elevating their awareness and their level of vibration. All the sacred music we bring originates in one of the wisdom traditions of our planet,” explains Griet Depypere , owner of La Senda.

The musicians who will perform at La Senda Music Festival include Aniconic (spiritual music), Laura Viento (Colombian medicine music), Timothy Brownie (rock/funk/disco/electropop/psychedelic), Mauricio Vicencio (therapeutic musician), Guapil (Costa Rican sister musicians), Barda (Argentine DJ), Debi Nova (Costa Rica’s Latin Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter), Manuel Obregon (musician/composer/ producer), Will Marsh (sitar player) and Marianela Ortiz (Kirtan singer and musician). Prices to enter the event vary.

 La Senda Essence, which takes place on March 22 in the labyrinth, is $40. La Senda Celebration in the amphitheater is $75 until March 16, and $85 after. To participate in La Senda Experience both days, the cost is $115 until March 16 and $125 afterwards. Children under 12 years old may enter free. The program will be from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. on Friday, March 22.

 The next day, the times are 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. Tickets are available online at

 They may also be purchased at Tamarindo’s La Senda, Cala Luna, Ser Om Shanti yoga studio; Playa Negra’s Peace Retreat; Junquillal’s Toda Bien; and in Potrero from Angine Laurtte Arroyo Arias (La Paz).

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