La Galeria and Antichi Sapori raise money for ADI

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By Tamarindo News Staff

The recent Asociación de Desarollo Integral Tamarindo (ADI) fundraiser was a different kind of event than the organization has presented in the past.  In March, an art and music party took place at Garden Plaza, with participation from some of the local vendors.

Antichi Sapori restaurant sold portions of their Italian food to help raise money and a variety of music played throughout the night.

The main attraction of the benefit was the participation of La Galeria, which opened their doors to guests who could browse the works of art, meet the artists and even see live paintings come to life at the hands of some of the artists.

Robb Havassy, a renowned surf artist who has his paintings hanging in La Galeria for sale, mounted a prepared piece of pochote wood on his easel.  People watched as he created an ocean portrait.

“Our gallery is a microcosm of our great local community as whole,” explained Havassy. “It’s culturally diverse and creatively inclined and endeavoring to grow and blossom, all geared toward enriching our community. For me, I was excited to be part of the event and doing some ‘live art’ was something I hoped everyone would enjoy and bring something unique to the evening.”

According to ADI treasurer Trevor Bernard, the evening raised about $2,500 which is the amount that could cover 1-1/2  months of operational expenses.  In order to continue with the various programs, a continued effort to bring in money must be made, he said. Right now, ADI still has 2 more months left on the Guanacaste Community Fund, which was donated for the lifegurds by this local offshoot of the 30-year-old Costa Rican program dedicated to financially assisting local areas.  In addition, donations are coming in, albeit slowly, from the Padrino program, whereby monthly amounts of either $15, $30 or $60 can be made directly to ADI.

These actions and events such as the one at Garden Plaza will continue to be presented, in order to keep the community works in motion.

María Fernanda of La Galería said: “We are working with ADI because La Galeria have the same objective: to help the Tamarindo community with culture and art. All the organizations have to be together working for Tamarindo.”

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