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On the first night of the Tamarindo Art Wave, people who paid $95 each were treated to a big gala dinner on the beach. Gran Cena was the only fundraiser for the Tamarindo Art Foundation, a group of people that organized the threeday festival.

With the money raised, they intend to continue presenting world-class artists to the community every year, and eventually have enough to pay for a full-time teacher that would bring arts programs into the area schools. Children, as a matter of fact, were a big part of the Gran Cena.

While diners feasted on dishes created by chefs Sebastien Couratier (France), Francesco Mascarucci (Italy), Fabien Mandrea (France) and Hugo Gutierrez (Mexico) with paired wine selected by expert Carmen de Aguirre (Spain), they were surrounded on the beach by 45 canvases each of 1×2 meters. This art was created by kids from local schools under the guidance of Fabio Herrera and Mario Maffioli, two of Costa Rica’s most famous painters.

Gran Cena took place on the beach area located in front of the former El Pescador, next to Chiringuito restaurant. Participants sat at a long, imperial dining table that held 100 people.

“The idea was based on the longtable dinners in Europe,” explained Griet Depypere of the Tamarindo Art Foundation. “Those have one chef cooking the entire meal, where we have four, each making their own dish. Those European dinners are very often in a very unusual or crazy place, and people know about it at the last minute. Here we have the dinner in the middle of the art from the Kids Wave.”

At the 2016 Tamarindo Art Wave, there was also food available, but in a different manner. It was more of a street festival where the theme was Tamarind, meaning every dish had to be prepared with Tamarind. While the vendors will participate in this theme again this year, the benefit Gran Cena is more in the style of the Food Wave competition organized last year by the Tamarindo Art Foundation.

Then, over the course of months, six chefs created tasting menus and were judged by diners. A Gala Dinner took place in July 2017 featuring the winner, Daisy Barrantes. Depypere noted that the Gala Dinner last year gave the people of Tamarindo the opportunity to dress up.

The Gran Cena provided the same opportunity, which she said is a rare occurrence in town and contributed to the high spirit of the event. In the end, Gran Cena was a fundraiser.

“It’s a nice and pleasant way for people to contribute to the festival and get something in return for their money. They got a very nice dinner and a very special magical experience on the beach in the middle of the beautiful exposition from all those children,” she concluded.

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