Fire Station to Be Built in Huacas

  • Reserva Conchal donated the land.
  • Construction of temporary building would be ready in March 2015.
  • Station will be built in five years.

The first fire station will be built in the community of Huacas in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, in an area of about 3500 square meters. This land was donated by Reserva Conchal, as part of its social investment objectives, in order to solve an existing need in this town, given that there is not a fire service on this site.

The property is located in Huacas and, according to Hector Chaves, director of the Fire Department of Costa Rica, it will allow a more expeditious attention to the population of the nearby districts of Cabo Velas, Tempate, Cartagena, Flamingo, Playa Grande, and Tamarindo.

“This new station will provide the population with a first class service. We want to continue growing in the most remote communities in the country; that is why we continue evolving,” said Chaves.

Chaves announced that the construction of the temporary building will be ready in March 2015 and that, in order to start giving attention to incidents in the coming weeks, the Fire Department would use the facilities of Reserva Conchal.

“The idea is that within five years, we can build a much larger structure, in order to better meet the needs of the area,” he said.

The coastal area of Santa Cruz has been characterized by its commercial, tourist and residential growth; therefore, Reserva Conchal considered strategic for the community to have an important service as firefighting.

Currently, the nearest fire station is in Filadelfia and downtown Santa Cruz. The geographical distances and poor accesses to communication channels impede the rapid arrival of emergency personnel to coastal sites of Santa Cruz.

Forest fires are frequent in the area and people are used to burning trash and agricultural land or grasslands, which, during the winter, become sites of risk for fires.

“This new project of social impact fills Reserva Conchal with pride and satisfaction. Our company has been characterized by its social investment programs in this area, including the donation of a warehouse for the operation of the Food Bank, and construction of “Atardecer del mar”, an educational and recreational park; now, we have donated this land to the Fire Department,” said Helmuth Sauter, Director of Real Estate at Florida Ice and Farm Company, owner of Reserva Conchal.

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