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By: Tamarindo News Staff  Photos courtesy: CCTT

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The drought in Costa Rica’s North Pacific area has made evident the need for better use of water at residential and commercial levels.

Tamarindo has become one of the most affected areas; therefore residents and entrepreneurs (particularly hotel and tourism operators) have had to buy water trucks to stock up and continue working.

The need to alleviate the situation, especially to make better use of the resource, motivated the Tamarindo Chamber of Commerce and Tourism to organize the first Tamarindo Water Expo, which took place on March 4 and 5.

The Expo showed technologies that can reduce water consumption to 60%, according to some exhibitors in the event that took place in the Garden Plaza.

Among the exhibitors, five companies showed equipment and efficient systems related to water use for human consumption and for such domestic and commercial applications as sanitary services.

Hernán Imhoff, president of the CCTT, highlighted the importance of this event that made known environment-friendly products and technologies such as showers, toilets and urinals, which, when used in shops and hotels, could represent considerable water savings.

The Expo was sponsored by the Management of the Nimboyores and Coastal Aquifers of Santa Cruz (CONIMBOCO), an organization devoted to building awareness of the importance of protecting water as a resource, mainly, by preventing the salinization of aquifers used by the communities. These aquifers are the primary water resource, given the scarcity of other water bodies such as rivers and more.

CONIMBOCO was organized by rural aqueduct management associations (ASADAS), the Costa Rican Water Supply and Sewage Institute (A y A), the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Ministry of Rural Development (INDER), the National University (UNA) and the National Service of Underground Water, Irrigation and Drainage (SENARA). All these converge in the Global Water Supply Plan for Guanacaste (PIAAG), designed by the national government and tourism entrepreneurs.

Under the slogan, “On the coast we are committed to saving water,” the CCTT has launched via the Expo, a strong motivation for the community to reduce consumption, decrease leakage, and invest in technology that promotes water savings.

Students from various education centers, among them Villareal and Brasilito schools, have launched their efforts through the program “Guards of Water and A y A.” These actions improve their water consumption habits and highlight the importance of looking after the aquifers. The students also motivate their teachers to install devices that reduce usage and acknowledge the work performed by CONIMBOCO in the coastal region. They also attended talks about adequate use of water and learned how related technologies work.

Among the topics presented at the Expo were the aquifer situation in the coastal areas of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, hydro resource monitoring and control, actions organized in Santa Cruz for fresh water management and supply, the Blue Flag Ecological Program, the Certification in Sustainable Tourism (CTS) presented by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and measures for saving water.

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