Educarte opens new sport facilities for the community

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By: Marisol Arias  Photos courtesy Educarte

  • Sports complex features football, swimming, aqua gym and gymnastics lessons, among other disciplines.
  • Infrastructure investment of more than $1 million.
  • New campus to be concluded in December

Nowadays, education goes beyond purely academic matters. It is comprehensive training that requires a diverse curricular content where arts and sports must be included.

Centro de Aprendizaje Educarte for children knows this very well and because of this will, in the upcoming 2016 school year, offer new facilities for its students and the educational community.

The new facility includes eight new classrooms for Preschool, with recreational and playground areas, administrative offices and four classrooms for secondary grades with offices and one multipurpose room.

“We are not only investing in new academic infrastructure but in furniture and special decoration designed to motivate and develop the learning process of the students, considering their educations levels,” said Academic Director, María Fernanda Jiménez.

Tamarindo community benefits from new facilities

Jiménez confirmed that Educarte´s new campus will benefit residents of Tamarindo and surrounding areas.

The sports hall will have a 25-metersemi-olympic swimming pool and a standard football field. Both will be open and available to the general public at an affordable price.

The sports center will be open from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Among the planned activities will be swimming and water polo lessons, aquatic gym, aquatic physical therapy, lessons for children with special needs and synchronized swimming.

The pool will be open for national swimming tournaments. “Public schools´ students or developing associations of the area that work with children and youth are invited to exercise in the center at no charge,” Jiménez informed. The football field will be also available for youth and adults to train, divided by age groups.

Nowadays, there are not enough public places where sports can be implemented by residents of Tamarindo and surrounding areas at neither the recreational or competitive levels. The infrastructure investment for the sports center will exceed $1 million.

Educarte has planned the completion by next December.

“This represents a major effort for Educarte´s partners,” explained María Fernanda Jiménez.

She also said that the new facility comes as a response to the increase, in recent years, in the demand of new students of all grades.

“It is very important for Educarte that the community feels and sees it as an institution committed to the people and that the school acts accordingly and with Costa Rican values in high regard.”

Currently, there are only a couple of areas around Tamarindo for sports recreation. Recently, the Association for the Development of Tamarindo (ADI), with great effort and volunteers´ work, renovated Oneida Park.

Additionally, non-governmental organizations through private donations have accomplished the building as well as the opening of the Villarreal High School skate park facilities, which are the open to the public to practice that popular sport.

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