Educarte book and music launch fundraising efforts

Written by Tamarindo News

By Ellen Zoe Golden Photo courtesy: Educarte

It is quite well-known that the area private schools are top-notch. Perhaps it’s not as well known that outside of tuitions, some of these schools depend on the generosity of the Tamarindo community to meet all their needs.

That’s why Educarte has created opportunities to raise funds to help their kids. Under the guidance of Spanish, civic and social teacher José Eugenio Guerra, Educarte secondary students submitted poems and short stories to a blog aimed at showing their creative capacity.

The blog was so successful, Guerra encouraged the students to make a book to express their emotions and feelings openly in a different medium. As the project progressed, several teachers joined in, and the concept expanded to add a CD (and download) of songs, and the students used their software skills to create the book design.

The book and CD are called “Jóvenes Poetas”, and go on sale June 9 at a special event at the school which takes place at 4 p.m. The participating students will present their book with readings of the book’s poems, along with a performance of songs included on the CD, and a play.

The cost per ticket is 1500c for adults and 1000c for children/students. The price includes a copy of the published book, the digital code that provides access to downloading songs, and the show.

The money raised will be used for events, field trips and other projects chosen by the students.

The book is not available online, but has a public link where some the students’ poetry is presented: https://9educartecostarica. “This project promotes different aspects of learning,” explained Guerra.

“The student uses creativity, expression of ideas and thoughts through their songs and poems. The work that is needed for all parts of the project—the book cover/back cover, the preparation and presentation of the play, the musical performances, and readings of their poems—encourages and teaches teenage students to express themselves in public, work in teams, be self-independent and explore their creativity.

It also promotes organizational, advertising and marketing skills.”

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