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By Ellen Zoe Golden .Photo by Paul E. German Photography

Barbara Deppe has always loved animals. They are her passion. As a result, for the past 24 years she has been rescuing animals in the Tamarindo and Flamingo areas.

Through her facility Barbara’s Animal Rescue Center, dogs and cats get a second life with special care and castrations performed by Costa Rican vets with a lot of experience with rescues including Cavallini, Carvajal, and Tuanis and Rivas (the latter from Alejuela).

“I take care of animals that are found, like maybe abandoned after an accident, or just being born, or sick dogs, or when the dogs are getting old and people do not want them anymore because of maybe bad eye sight or less teeth with stinky mouths, or stomach problems after eating bad food, joint problems, or people who are leaving Costa Rica and leave their pets behind, I get them better with vet visits, surgery, medication, treatments in all ways,” Deppe explained.

“I then try to find them a good home.” In order to curtail the large number of strays, Deppe believes the best prevention is by spaying and neutering. She sets up clinics to do this many times a year. In order to continue her services, six years ago she and some friends created Dog Day Afternoon, a benefit event that raises money in a variety of ways including silent auctions, raffles, food and drink specials, live entertainment, kids games, photography for pet owners and their animals, psychic readings and more.

Every year Dog Day Afternoon is a big different and this year’s event will take place March 24, 4 to 7 p.m., at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant in Brasilito.

 The live entertainment is the band PinkyGuaro, and there will be an opportunity to win prizes with raffles and a silent auction. Enjoy food and drink as well as a visit to Barbara’s Corner, where dog and cat lover’s can purchase novelty pet items, organic pet treats and unique gifts for their furry friends. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to Barbara’s Rescue Center.

“Dog Day Afternoon was started because there was an overwhelming and apparent need to help rescue animals in our community,” she said.

“There are so many stray dogs, cats, miscellaneous other animals that we, the general public, don’t even think need help. But, we needed a beacon in the storm for these poor defenseless animals. To help rescue these animals, the community needed to come together not only monetarily but emotionally as well. So my friend decided an event to heighten awareness, support and money would help. It was a success from year one and the Dog Day Afternoon fundraiser was born. Thanks to our community it is now an annual event at the same location in Brasilito.”

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