Dive for Debries goes underwater for cleanup

Written by Tamarindo News

By Ellen Zoe Golden .Photo courtesy of Josef Krogulec

The Clean Wave and the Surfrider Foundation from Tamarindo, as well as many other organizations and local businesses, have been arranging beach cleanups for years.

Now, Costa Rican Josef Krogulec, a recreational diver and the concierge of RPM Property management, is taking the cleanup concept one step further. On Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 9 a.m., scuba practitioners will hit the Tamarindo bay to Dive for Debries, an underwater cleanup activity.

 In order to participate, a valid diving license is required, and Krogulec will coordinate equipment for those in need with the local dive shops who are renting gear. ( )

 “I have reached out to all the dive shops for support, and there has been great response and enthusiasm for the activity,” said Krogulec.

“I think we all remember those commercials from the environmental agency WWE, about the power of one and the impact that one individual can have. That and many more stories of people protecting nature inspired me to take action. I want to make where I live a better place and I want others to know that it’s possible to have a positive impact, too.” Krogulec reported that he has seen more stress on the environment since settling in Tamarindo.

His walks on the beach also fueled his call to action, and he admitted that he’s “terribly in love with Costa Rica and all its natural wonders.”

At press time, 10 divers were confirmed, and more were in touch with Krogulec to get gear from local dive shops. Aqua Rica and Tamadive are onboard, and invitation has been extended to other dive shops at nearby beaches as well. As to what these divers will find underwater is yet to be seen.

“We don’t think that there will be a huge amount of debris, but the thing is nobody really knows,” he explained.

“We are going to focus under the boats that carry large amounts of tourists since they are more prone to accidents happening and people dropping things. This will help the park authorities have an idea of the strain being done, if any, and also it helps educate and inspire people to manage waste better and be more concerned about the environment.”

 Krogulec concluded: “Tamarindo bay needs a little love. The ocean here enables so much for our community through tourism, jobs creation and natural resources that we as a community need to invest back time and effort in maintaining it before we lose it.”

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