Couples get spiritual guidance in meditation workshop

Written by Tamarindo News

By Ellen Zoe Golden

Years ago, psychologist William Ortiz was in pain. He had just lost his wife of 30 years and was suffering from grief. From that sad emotion, he became aware of important lessons, ones that eventually led to his marrying his new life partner, Maribeth, a friend who became much more.

Last month, at Cala Luna, Ortiz, a former University of Costa Rica professor in Psychology and Communication, shared what he learned with a group of 11 couples.

“Grief is a very intense emotion and to learn to be solo can cause much pain,” explained Ortiz “That led me to study and reflect on psychology of love. That and many years of spiritual practice changed my life.”

Ortiz introduced the couples at Cala Luna the idea of accepting the existence of the soul and that individuals in a pairing can find happiness in harmony. He said that harmony is the link between thinking feeling and action.

“We touched the doors of the heart, mind and soul. We went together on a journey to our inner self with our partner. We discovered some important aspects which can help us have a better and more loving life under the light of the stars,” Ortiz said.

The process was delivered in two steps: 1) “We can see everything and there are no lies and secrets 2) We need to always have an open mind to learn.”

“That’s why I’m a disciple and a teacher at the same time,” he stated.

Ortiz began offering couples these workshops three years ago, but this was the first one to take place in Tamarindo.  It was a lecture and active meditation, with an emphasis also on sexual relationships, which he said is one of the most important fundamentals in a relationship.

He explained: “It’s a challenge for humanity to count on a sexual encounter as a spiritual encounter as well. This society treats sex as something that is merely physical. I’d love if the couples could understand what it means to give a kiss from the soul.”

Ultimately, Ortiz hoped that with the couple’s workshop he accomplished the goal he set, which was trying to allow people to see their partner more intensely.

The couple’s workshop was offered free to those who signed up.

“In a spiritual life, it’s important to believe profoundly in love. And love is to share, not a merchandise to sell,” concluded Ortiz.


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