Costa Rican Surfer Jenny Kalmback Won Bronze in World Standup Paddle Championship!

Written by Tamarindo News

For the second consecutive time of the year, Costa Rica reaches its third medal in a world surfing championship, after the outstanding participation of Tica Jenny Kalmback, who won the olympic bronze at the closing of the World Standup Paddle Championship that was held in La Boquita, Managua and Lake Nicaragua.

This was the first time that the country participates in a world championship of this category organized by the International Surfing Association (ISA). In the event’s third edition since 2012, Costa Rican team was place third in the competition, thanks to Kalmback; this triumph adds to the good results recently obtained by Leilani McGonagle in the U18 World Surfing Championship held on April, in Ecuador, where Costa Rica took the silver medal.

Kalmback qualified to the finals of the Women’s Technical SUB race category in flat waters, where she faced 11 rowers from Canada, Australia, Brazil, USA, UK, Spain, France, Venezuela, Mexico, South Africa, and Denmark; Mirie Buchanan (UK), Lina Augaitis (CAN,) and Shae Foudy (U.S.) won gold, silver, and copper, respectively.

The Costa Rican surfer , who crossed the finish line after running a distance of 4.5 kilometers in short-circles (technical race), was able to beat the nine other surfers that classified to the finals. In total, twelve surfers went to the finals.

“I am super happy to have achieved this result. I prepared myself very well for this World Championship; however, the girls here are great and renowned rowers. That gives me a lot of pride, because, personally, it is a goal, but, emotionally, I am honored to have done this for my country,” Jenny said.

“My strategy was to get out as fast as possible from the very beginning, position myself first, and, then, try to maintain that place, but both the British and Canadian (first and second ) were very strong. Just been able to raise your flag in a world podium is an honor, whatever the outcome,” she added.

This concludes another historical participation of Costa Rica, as a team, in an ISA’s world event. This is the sixth world surfing medal for the country since 2011.

The next global commitment to Costa Rica will be the World Open Championship in Peru, which will be held in Punta Roca de Lima, from November 1 to 9.


Craig Schieber, 2011: Gold (World Master, El Salvador)
Noe Mar McGonagle, 2012: Bronze (World Junior, Panama)
Craig Schieber, 2013: Silver (World Master, Ecuador)
Leilani McGonagle, 2014: Silver in U16 (World Junior, Ecuador)
Leilani McGonagle, 2014: Copper in U18 (World Junior, Ecuador)
Jenny Kalmback, 2014: Bronze (World Stand Up Paddle, Nicaragua)

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