Christian Boos makes family and surfing his life

Written by Tamarindo News

By Ellen Zoe Golden

The motto for Boos Adventures is very simple: All we do is Surf and Fish.  That’s because owner Christian Boos abides by that idea, because the ocean along with his family of wife Cristina and 7-year-old son Nicolas, are the main focus of his life.  The business, featuring two boats, takes clients to surf at local spots, the most frequent being Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point. He also knows the best place to catch inshore or offshore fish.  A local in Tamarindo for 13 years, he moved here from Venezuela and is very happy with the world he’s created.

THE Tamarindo News talked with Christian on a morning off from the seas.

THE Tamarindo News: You are always seen in the water helping your son learn and improve his surfing. Why is that important to you?

Christian Boos: Well first of all, the most important thing for me is to spend quality time with my son, Nico. And we are lucky to be able to share the same passion which is surfing. In the water we laugh a lot, and after every wave we always share his vision and my vision and we talk about how to improve because for me what is important is that you learn to respect the sea, overcome your fears and realize that every wave is a new opportunity to do it better. In the end, this is life we are given. Every day we have the opportunity to do things better and learn from our mistakes and surfing is a perfect example of overcoming challenges.

TTN:  What does surfing mean to you?

CB: Wuaoo surfing is everything. I have what I have thanks to surfing and I do not mean material things, I mean my from my family to the incredible path of personal improvement, and as I said, with surfing I have the opportunity with each new wave to do better and better .

TNN:  Is this why you started your business, Boos Adventures Surf & Fish Charters?

CB: Of course. I started my company really because it was the perfect excuse to be able to earn money and surf all day without the need to follow what society and most people do, and not have a boss that is bothering you or having to follow a schedule. With my company Boos Adventures Surf & Fish Charters I share my time surfing when the waves are good and fishing when the waves are bad so that I bring the economic sustenance to my family. And when you can take fresh fish to the house, that’s a perfect combination.

TNN: What is it about Witch’s Rock that people want to visit and surf there?

CB: Roca Bruja is a world-class A1 wave that undoubtedly belongs to the Santa Rosa National Park. The fastest way to get there is by boat from either Flamingo or Playas del Coco. The  boat ride can provide the opportunity to see dolphins, whales, turtles, schools of fish, etc. When one arrives at Witch’s Rock, there is nothing but waves, and that draws a lot of attention for visitors since the majority of surf spots they know are plagued with houses, buildings and people on the beach and in the water. In addition, the quality of waves and pure contact with nature makes Witch’s Rock, in a word, magic.

TNN: Where are you from and what did you do there?

CB: I’m from Venezuela. I’m a computer engineer.

TNN: What brought you to Tamarindo?

CB: The variety of waves near Tamarindo is incredible.

TNN: You have had some success as a veteran surfer in the country’s competitions, right?

CB: I started competing a few years ago just because between college and work I never had the opportunity to surf as much as I do now.  I started to surf the CGS (Circuito Guanacaste de Surf) and I was the first master champion of Guanacaste which surprised me. Also, the same year, I won the Triple Crown Masters of Nosara. The following year, I did win several stages of the Circuito Nacaional. I  think that the discipline, training and positive mind helped me a lot

TNN: Why did you settle here?

CB: It is difficult to find kinder people in the world than here.

TNN: Did you meet Cristina here?

CB: Yes, I met my wife in Tamarindo. We were neighbors. We have almost 11 years together.

TNN: Did you always know you’d be a family man?

CB: Of course.  I left my country 15 years ago always thinking of finding a safe, nice place with good waves for a son to grow in the best possible environment.

TNN: What’s in the future for you?

CB: I want to travel with my son in search of the best possible waves and ultimately, to make my family happy.


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