Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Tamarindo appointed a new directors

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By: Tamarindo News Staff Photo courtesy: CCTT

  • Affiliates present in General Assembly at Cala Luna Hotel
  • New members shall hold office until November 2018

The Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Tamarindo (CCTT) chose new board members in its Annual Assembly with the goal of boosting its projects for the next two years.

The meeting took place at Cala Luna Hotel where affiliates were informed about accomplishments from the period of 2014- 2016 including management to promote tourism, to save water, various training, tourism marketing and the development of public safety strategies, among other actions.

Hernán Imhoff was confirmed once again as President of the CCTT, and Luis Ramos, Santiago Magno, María Schintu, Federico Pilurzu, Elizabeth Cole, Jordi Rivera, Argerie Cordero, Trevor Bernard and Wenceslao Mendioroz were named Directors.

“Over the past two years we´ve devoted intensive efforts in many areas related to water issues, rural aqueducts, courses in cooking and bartending, tourism education in schools, Aedes aegypti mosquito breeding sites removal, among another actions designed to improve tourism. We have always followed our goal of providing quality services to national and international visitors. In addition, the Chamber participated in three editions of the Expo Travel Show,’ Imhoff said.

The Chamber statutes state that the newly appointed members shall hold office until November 2018. Source of employment The President of the CCTT said that tourism industries account for 80 to 90% of people employed in the services of Tamarindo, and this does not even consider other economic activities such as handicraft manufacturing, transportation services and infrastructure work.

“The Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Tamarindo has become the voice of the community. Thanks to its support and the coordinated efforts with public institutions, we´ve managed to organize workshops, fairs and seminars through which the affiliates learn the reality of the area and how to defend its interests, given that tourism is a major pillar in the local economy,” Imhoff added. Tamarindo is the 9th District of the Santa Cruz canton in Guanacaste.

Its more important towns include: Tamarindo, Villarreal, Santa Rosa, Garita Nueva, Hernández and San José de Pinilla. Tamarindo District is surrounded by the Tempate, Veintisiete de abril and Santa Cruz Districts and by the Pacific Ocean to the west. This old fishing village has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica and worldwide. Due to its geographic and climate conditions, Tamarindo presents perfect surf and opportunities for other water sports.

Furthermore, Tamarindo offers nature and protected areas since it is located within Las Baulas National Park, Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge and includes Playa Grande, Langosta and Ventana beaches. This is the most important zone for nesting of the Leatherback sea turtle in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and the American continent. La Baula is the biggest sea turtle in the world and an endangered species threatened with extinction.

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  • Hola shop owners.
    My wife sister-in-law and myself visited your beautiful town of Tamarindo . The ladies are avid shoppers but were astounded by the ridiculous prices in all the clothing stores .
    Surely the store owners should realise that many sales are better than no sales , let’s hope they get sense and reduce their mark up prices . Us tourist’s expect some bargains.

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