Beachnuts Theatre presents “Sleeping Beauty”

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By Ellen Zoe Golden Photo Photo courtesy Beachnuts Theatre Company

Director Paul Belanger is at it again. After extensive auditions and strict, but fun rehearsals, his latest group of talented area children will present the spring musical play “Sleeping Beauty” on March 22, 23 and 24, 7 p.m., and March 25, 2 p.m. in the auditorium of CRIA school in Brasilito.

The storyline of the play follows Sleeping Beauty, the first born of King Stephan and Queen Stella. Because the evil Maleficent is not invited to the party celebrating the baby’s birth, the witch casts a spell that the princess shall die on her 16th birthday after she pricks her finger on a spindle needle. The good fairies change that spell so instead of the princess dying, she falls into a deep sleep not to be woken until she receives true love’s kiss, which in the play comes from handsome Prince Phillip. Maleficent goes to any lengths to have things turn out her way, and she battles the good fairies and the prince in the fairy tale.

“Working with children is my passion, I understand kids, also I know that a child who believes in themselves is a child who has learnt a life lesson that they will continue to use throughout their whole life. Or maybe it’s because my emotional level is that of a 12 year old. One of the two!!” exclaimed Belanger.

The director promises that in addition to the outstanding  acting, singing and dancing from 30 children enacting this entertaining story, the audience will be surprised “to no end” by some wonderful, life-size props.

The extra elements come from the work of volunteer parents. Kat Bonfiglio is the team mom, Kristi Akin helped with the music, Geneva Ell worked on the dances, Rachel Rainsbury  did the costumes,  Suzanne Channell did the sets and DJPDesign did the poster and the program.

“Creative energy is what the indigenous tribes did first and foremost to bring everyone together to create community–through dancing, singing and art, they became one with each other,” said Belanger. “Maybe just maybe Beachnuts’ productions bring us all together even if it is only for a couple of hours. My love is to give the gift I have been given and that is to make people happy. I hope our shows do that if nothing else.”


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