ADIT helps the needy victims of Nate

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By Tamarindo News Staff  Photo courtesy: ADIT

December of last year, the Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Tamarindo (ADIT) completed Phase II and III of its action plan to meet the needs of the victims of Tropical Storm Nate, which cut a swatch of destruction though the area in October 2017.

Responding immediately following the devastation, ADIT focused on delivering basic items including food, personal hygiene items, water, clothes, and assistance with house cleaning and repairs. But, ADIT had long-term service in mind and, as a result, worked on helping further.

First they identified and collected information on four large families who live in Veintisiete de abril, La Garita and Santa Rosa.

The goal was to buy large, good quality refrigerators for families with five members or more. The purchase of these large, Whirlpool refrigerators was made in late October for a total of 1,217,340 colones, and they were delivered a few days later. Guiselle Herrera and Santos Marchena from Coopeguanacaste RL assisted in the negotiation and pricing.

Next, in Phase II, ADIT purchased and delivered 20 mattresses to people who lost beds or had theirs dirtied or damaged by the storm. William Huertas, the community leader from La Garita Nueva contacted ADIT to identify those in need of mattresses, and, after a joint field visit, purchased 8 single and 12 matrimonial mattresses for a price of 842,967 colones in early December.

They were delivered shortly afterwards. Once again Coopeguanacaste assisted, as did Herrera and Marchena. At the same time, ADIT continued to deliver food to affected areas. As a conclusion of Phase II, in order to be transparent to the community and to notify all those who entrusted ADIT with donations, the organization reported their expenditures. The total amount of money invested in these two operations (refrigerators and mattresses) amounted to 2,060,307 colones, with additional costs for transportation and the other expenses such as equipment and material needed for the repair and cleaning of the damaged houses.

As a result, the total spent was closer to 2,500,000 colones to improve the quality of life of all these people and families who were affected by this storm. In the repair efforts, Aníbal Mendoza, the administrator of Grupo Colono, assisted with the donation of materials, and the team of Colono Construcción helped with the repair work.

Actions in the future

Months after the storm its effects are still felt by many families, and even with the end of the rainy season, the onset of the dry season, the fight to recover is not over. On the contrary, ADIT is fully aware that they must continue to intervene and help those in who need it.

As a result, they have designed Phase III, a continual intervention for those affected by Tropical Storm Nate. This includes the relocation and reconstruction work for 14 families who have been identified as those that lost everything and require more complicated assistance.

Phase III will be carried out in conjunction with Hero Academy, a Tamarindo-based organization that has, since the beginning of the catastrophe, done an admirable job in helping many people. As of January, ADIT will continue to inform the public of their progress in this area. ADIT also wants to thank the community for all their donations and charitable activities launched to assist those in need.


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