ADI puts new projects in motion

Written by Tamarindo News

The Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Tamarindo (ADI) has been working on many projects in their ongoing efforts to improve the local community. One of the ADI priorities has been the renovation and expansion of Oneida Park.

Last month, the US Embassy expressed interest in helping to fund the park, which has had some improvements completed already but the rest of the work has not taken place.

At press time, a meeting was scheduled between members of ADI and the Embassy to see what options were available. Additionally, in September, ADI will present a proposal on the planned work to Dirección Nacional de Desarrollo de la Comunidad (DINADECO).

The hope is that this previously untapped government organization will also be a possible source of necessary funds. “We have not approached DINADECO yet, and we are optimistic to receive support for the kids’ park from them,” said Urs Schmid, President of ADI.

Schmid also reported that Daisy Víquez, who is in charge of Santa Cruz’s “Muni Recicla,” announced that Tamarindo is the community with the most recycled materials in all of the Municipality. The success has been attributed to the monthly recycling campaign that ADI developed ADI puts new projects in motion along with the Municipality.

This data will also be used to improve the project as it moves forward locally every first Tuesday of the month. The next Tamarindo recycling will be June 6, as always, in front of Banco Nacional. June has been designated Environment Month around the globe, with World Environment Day set for June 5.

This is a time for conscientious actions in Tamarindo along with the rest of the planet. In May, members of ADI traveled to Santa Cruz to present more details on four ongoing projects to the Concejo Municipal.

These include:

  • A new, bigger lifeguard tower, designed by LSD Arquitectos, built on a giant sled in order to be mobile when high tides require moving to another location. The previous tower was dismantled because of excessive high tides last year.
  • Public toilets and showers, also designed by LSD Arquitectos, will be located north of El Vaquero where the parking lot begins
  • A sidewalk from Tamarindo to the Garden Plaza, location of Automercardo, on both side of the street tentatively set to begin near Panga’s Beach Club
  • A permanent recycling center has been designed by LSD Arquitectos The Municipality has expressed support for all these projects, according to Schmid.

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