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By Ellen Zoe Golden Photo: Tamarindo News Files.

On Saturday, June 11, the membership of the Asociación de Desarollo de Tamarindo (ADI) gathered for their Annual Assembly at Garden Plaza and successfully elected the new board of directors who will serve the community for the next two years.

The term began July 3 with Urs Schmid, manager of Hotel Capitán Suizo, once again president.

“I am happy I got reelected, and am grateful to the community for their trust!” exclaimed Schmid after the election.

“The new team is the team I was hoping for.” The rest of the board members are new to their positions, yet have been very active in the work to improve Tamarindo to this date.

The new team, according to Schmid, are a good mix of experienced members who had previous jobs on the board, along with new people who bring additional strengths with them. “Juan Carlos Cerdas, the new Vicepresident is a lawyer, whose legal knowledge and motivation are highly appreciated,” he said.

“Edgar Marin, the new treasurer, brings with him a lot of political and accounting experience and has already put in much time and effort supporting the ADI. Joe Walsh, the new Vocal 3, has been one of the most supportive members of our community, and I am glad he is a part of the board now. Besides helping to create and run the Lifeguard Program, he also brings on board very useful marketing experience. And Roseanne Herzog and Shera Simpson, the new Substitutes 1 and 2, have been helping the ADI for several months with their dedication to our projects and the gathering of urgently needed funds; it is great to have them on the team.”

The full board of directors for ADI are:

President: Urs Schmid

Vice-president: Juan Carlos Cerdas

Secretary: Helen Soto

Treasurer: Edgar Marín

Vocal 1: Doris Acosta

Vocal 2: Argerie Cordero

Vocal 3: Joe Walsh

Auditor: Trevor Bernard

Replacement: Roseanne Herzog

Replacement: Shera Simpson

ADI plans to keep working and improving the projects already in place during the previous two years. These include the Farmers Market, Lifeguard Program, Recycling Program, Oneida Park Restoration, Town Clean-up, Security Projects, Road Construction, Beach Park Projects, Fight for Better Water Supply as well as other small activities.

There are several new projects planned and their initiation will be discussed during the first meetings of the new board.

“We want to keep growing, informing the community on what we are doing and motivating people to join us,” concluded Schmid. At the Assemby, ADI also presented a summary of all the work completed from September 2014 until May 2016, an updated register of affiliates, and expressed their thanks to all the professionals, businesses and volunteers who gave their time and energy to improve Tamarindo.

To view the presentation of works completed and gratitude, go to

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