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.Tamarindo News Staff .Photos courtesy: CCTT

• In Tamarindo, volunteers clean various environments to avoid the spread of diseases transmitted by Aedes aegyti

About 45 volunteers from the Nicoya campus of the Universidad Nacional, the Ministry of Health, the Red Cross, with logistical support by the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce of Tamarindo (CCTT), collected and eliminated from our area 1.3 tons of waste.

This trash is the breeding site of the Aedes aegyti mosquito, carrier of dengue, zika and chikungunya. With the goal to clean those areas where waste accumulates and mosquitoes may lay their eggs, increasing the risk of illnesses, volunteers covered the mains streets of Tamarindo and Langosta, picking up glass and plastic bottles, containers and soda cans, which were gathered in the sports around town.

This initiative was part of the prevention work driven by the CCTT, joining the united efforts of the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), the Chamber of National Tourism, the Costa Rican Chamber of Hotels, the Costa Rican Chamber of Restaurants and Related Business; Cala Luna, Esplendor, Barceló, Best Western .

Tamarindo News Staff .Photos courtesy: CCTT Tamarindo Vista Villas and Capitán Suizo hotels, the Municipality of Santa Cruz, the Chamber of Tourism of Guanacaste, Monkey Jungle Canopy; Patagonia, Pangas and Vulcano restaurants; the Association of Development of Tamarindo (ADI); CEPIA and Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. According to Hernán Imhoff, President of the CCTT, these actions are part of the social responsibility their organization promotes to offer a healthy environment to local and foreign visitors.

“The Chamber thinks that, in the cases of dengue and zika, one has to stay one step ahead, to adopt a pro-active attitude to neutralize the harm before it appears. Fortunately, we have found very good predisposition on the part of neighbors and local companies to support this initiative. From now on, we have to keep our guard high,” he said.

Three weeks ago, representatives of the Ministry of Health gave training talks for preventive management of dengue and zika, in a meeting that drew 60 people in the Villareal communal hall.

The lecture was given by Warren Chavarría, Carmen Gutiérrez and Sonia Moraga, officers of the Ministry of Health of Guanacaste.

Joining forces The President of the Chamber highlighted the Ministry of Health´s support, especially the technical information given to residents, so they could learn preventive measures to apply in their homes.

“An alliance with the Ministry is crucial, given that the rainy season is about to start. This is a critical moment and we must not remain passive. From this successful activity in which we have destroyed more than a ton of breeding sites, we can organize ourselves even more to repeat this experience,” Imhoff explained.

Dengue and chikungunya have similar symptoms, but the latter disease causes joint pain and skin rashes. According to the Ministry of Health, last year, the provinces of Puntarenas and Guanacaste were the most affected areas with 5,010 cases reported. Of these, 72% were registered in Las Juntas, Sardinal, Belén, Filadelfia, Santa Cruz, Cartagena, Abangares, Barranca, Chacarita and Puntarenas.

Women were more affected because they spend more time at home, where the transmitting mosquito lives.

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